Response Levels

Response Levels are the backbone of both CaDD Deep Dives and CaDD Explorers. By initially determining what response level an organisation needs to be at we gain invaluable insight into the types of actions and behaviours they should be involved in. If we then review the level of response the organisation has, we can determine whether a sufficient response is present. Where a gap exists, we can provide step by step guidance on how to progress towards the required response level.

CaDD Recognises 6 predictable response levels. These are:

Response Level 1: Core business focused

Organisations which work primarily at RL1, e.g. many SMEs, typically look at the issue through a short term focus and typically do not recognise that the issue has either got much relevance to them, or believe they are helpless without the support of others (which can often be correct). Not all organisations need to do more by themselves. But at this level, many have no idea whether they need to act or not. Most will however have a good understanding of direct weather risks and energy costs.


Response Level 2: Stakeholder responsive

Organisations that have developed the capacity to act at RL2 - Stakeholder Responsive - recognise the need to understand and comply with an often complex and/or rapidly changing set of rules, regulations and financial instruments - where necessary, keeping up to date with the needs and corporate policy of key customers and other stakeholders.


Response Level 3: Efficient management

As organisations progress to RL3 - Efficient management - organisations (typically SME+) begin to get a grip on operations, to quantify and prioritise issues, put in place common sense and effective management programmes for improvement. This often leads to much better ability to manage costs.


Response Level 4: Breakthrough projects

As understanding develops, organisations at RL4 - Breakthrough Projects - begin to see the need to learn fast about strategic threats and to identify options for responding to them. They identify surprising new options and put in place the conditions for a strategic response.


Response Level 5: Strategic resilience.

As understanding of major threats develops, and as options begin to be identified, it becomes possible in organisations which are able to use RL 5 - Strategic resilience - to put in place programmes to ensure the organisation's resilience in what is likely to be a very different and fast-changing future.


Response Level 6: The champion organisation

All of the steps at Response Levels 2 to 5 will help society respond to climate change, as well as protect the organisation's own interests, but some organisations choose to go further and seek to lead wider social change to slow and reverse climate change itself. This is RL 6 - The champion organisation.