Transforming Responses to Climate Change

Approaches for measuring and improving the performance of organisations, and the systems of organisations they form part of, to manage climate change risks and opportunities - both climate impacts and carbon management.

Identifying internal, external and systemic strengths and weaknesses - Enabling the most efficient design, delivery, and monitoring of meaningful interventions.

The CaDD software system provides two main services that can be used either in isolation or in combination to generate metrics on organisational and stakeholder capacities across any climate change relevant activity/activities, and at any scale (from a single business unit to a multinational industry):

Process 1: CaDD Explorer

A rapid, highly-scalable and web-based review of the capacity to include climate change in the decision-making processes of multiple stakeholders in a system (e.g. a supply chain, a government ministry, a value chain, a geographical area, an industry, a sector, and so on) – It is capable of handling from dozens to thousands of stakeholder organisations. It can also grow organically to include new relevant stakeholder as participants identify who else is important to their decisions. In some few cases, it is more appropriate to conduct CaDD Explorer reviews in dialogue rather than web-based - e.g. - where access to the internet has been limited (this alternative approach of course has some resource implications). Explorer reviews (electronic and dialogue) can easily be updated with your own relevant questions to design bespoke applications for any given project or programme of action. Read more...

Process 2: CaDD Deep Dive

An in-depth comprehensive web-based review and diagnostic of the organisational capacity to respond to climate change issues at an individual organisation level (e.g. a business; a strategic business unit of a company, a local authority, a project, a government department, and so on). Although we have the capacity to conduct any number of these, the maximum we have so far done in a single project has been 21 (when we reviewed 21 European cities in the ASEC Project ). We would love to find a project where we could do more. Read more...

These two approaches can be combined so as projects and organisations can understand both the systemic challenges affecting them, as well as diagnosing the organisation’s best next steps to address these challenges. Building interventions upon a foundation of what is already going well. The Explorer reviews can also be used to pinpoint where a deeper dive will prove most useful in designing interventions.

Both CaDD approaches can be, and often are, supported by dialogue: from individual interviews with key actors, to participatory workshops with multiple actors. We highly recommend that the CaDD Deep Dive is accompanied by dialogue with a CaDD Accredited Expert, or we can alternatively help organisations recruit the right kind of skills appropriate for delivering the results. Read more...