CaDD Pathways for Change

The question then becomes: how does an organisation move from one response level to another? The CaDD framework recognises 9 measurable attributes of capacity that can be measured at each response level. We call these ‘Pathways’ - as they represent a journey. These are:

1 Awareness

Not just that climate change is happening, but what it means to the organisation and its operations, policies,communications, etc.

2 Agency

The capacity to spot, prioritise and develop opportunities for meaningful and timely action in response to information about climate change.

3 Leadership

The extent to which a formal leadership team can identify a vision in relation to climate change and can engage with, support and legitimise its implementation.

4 Agents of Change

The capacity to identify, develop, empower and support a group or “ecosystem” of champions at different levels so that they can be effective agents of change.

5 Working Together

More than stakeholder engagement. The capacity to involve, respects the needs of, communicate with, learn from, and act in collaborative partnerships.

6 Learning

The extent to which the organisation can learn from experience and use what it learns to improve procedures, strategies and mission

7 Managing Operations

The embedding of procedures to get to grips with climate change in a systematic way

8 Scope & Coherence

How far projects sit within an overall programme for action that is suited to the scope of what the organisation is trying to achieve and updated in the light of what is learned.

9 Expertise & Evidence

The capacity to recognise, access and deploy the necessary skills, understanding and technical and change expertise to make the biggest difference.