How CaDD Works

The CaDD framework contains metrics that provide insight into the different capacities organisations possess that are required to address the types of climate change challenges that are relevant to them. It also identifies the most effective next steps (and beyond) that are required to improve that capacity if a capacity gap exists. The framework is formed of a 6 by 9 matrix.

The vertical axis of the matrix has 6 predictable levels of response that an organisation can have when faced with climate change challenges (either adaptation or mitigation). We call these ‘Response Levels’. Knowing which of these response levels an organisation is at, helps us understand how best to work with that organisation to improve responses. This aspect forms the backbone of the CaDD Explorer that reviews multiple organisations at once. It does so by rapidly determining which response level a given organisation is at. The response levels have been developed, tested and evidenced with thousands of organisations spanning more than a decade.

The question then becomes: how does an organisation move from one response level to another? The CaDD framework recognises 9 measurable attributes of capacity that can be measured at each response level. We call these ‘Pathways’ - as they represent a journey.

Response Levels

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CaDD Deep Dive Pathways for change


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