CaDD Deep Dive

The CaDD ‘Deep Dive’ process has been designed to rapidly place where in the matrix organisations are. This is done in an appreciative way, where high capacity questions are not asked to low capacity organisations and vice versa. This is because the online tools that we have developed are not just simple questionnaires. They will ask specific questions in response to the answers that are being provided.

We have inbuilt checks to ensure that answers are understood and consistent, and we can also produce audit questions should you wish to ensure that the answers that are given are factual. We are rarely asked to provide audit questions, but they are nonetheless inbuilt and accessible at will. We also have privacy agreements to reassure users that the information they provide will not be used in any way other than to understand the types of support they would most benefit from. These can be altered to your needs. We are also more than happy to brand the online inquiries and resultant reports with your own company or project logos.

Each organisation receives a made-to-measure CaDD Report tailored to their specific needs.Deep Dive Reports come in two parts:

  • Part 1: Your strategic overview
  • Part 2: Your breakdown of actions

CaDD Deep Dive Reports give you an in-depth insight into where your organisation currently stands in addressing the challenges of climate change mitigation and/or adaptation. It informs you of your most productive, targeted and cost-effective future actions and can be used immediately to produce action plans.