CaDD Reports

Each organisation receives a made-to-measure CaDD report tailored to their specific needs.Deep Dive Reports come in two parts:

  • Part 1: Your strategic overview
  • Part 2: Your breakdown of actions

CaDD Deep Dive Reports give you an in-depth insight into where your organisation currently stands in addressing the challenges of climate change mitigation and/or adaptation. It informs you of your most productive, targeted and cost-effective future actions and can be used immediately to produce action plans.

Part 1 provides a snapshot of your organisation's capacity on climate change issues. It pinpoints where to focus effort for optimal progress.

Part 2 defines the course of action that will be needed.

The CaDD Deep Dive requires significant accredited CaDD Expert time to process. The software we use very rapidly focusses that expert time to where it really matters, ensuring that the process is as efficient and as cost effective as possible. However, it will still take a few days to fully process, draw conclusions and report back. Reports can be sculpted to fit client needs, and this tends to change from project to project.