CaDD in Action

Results of both processes (‘Explorer’ and ‘Deep Dive’) can be directly comparable and used for many purposes. For example:

  • Baseline capacity analysis
  • Programme and/or Project design (with individual organisations/clients, as well as with groups)
  • Climate Change/Sustainability Strategy formulation for organisations/clients
  • Designing action plans for organisations/clients
  • Prioritisation of resources and investment
  • Monitoring and evaluation of capacity development across multiple actors
  • Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses in a specific system of organisations
  • Efficient intervention and resource identification
  • Designing and informing knowledge and good practice sharing interventions
  • Setting KPIs and other goals
  • Better systemic risk and opportunity management
  • Informed and innovative reporting processes

Many organisations are using CaDD to better understand how to work internally and externally with stakeholders. This includes: development organisations, large engineering firms, local authorities, policymakers, sector and industry groups, civil society organisations, researchers, inclusive business approaches, private sector development, and a multitude of other SMEs, public sector bodies and large corporations. The approaches have multiple uses and we would be delighted to talk to you about these and how they might fit with your specific project or other needs. All our approaches are robust, tried & tested, highly scalable, and great value for money.